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Do you want to sell your children's outgrown boutique and name brand clothing and gear for cash? Consigning is a great way to put some money in your pocket and clear room for the upcoming season. We're automated, organized, and make selling a breeze for you! Consignors receive 70% of the selling price and a ticket to the exclusive preview event to shop before the sale opens to the public.

Consigning with Peachtree Kids Market:

Peachtree Kids Market is a unique type of seasonal consignment sale. We focus solely on upscale brands in excellent condition. We are professionals who will treat your items with the utmost in care. Also, we pride ourselves on being one of the most organized sales around! We are completely automated for check-in. We screen all items BEFORE they go onto the sales floor; we place them on the racks for you; and we print you a report of unsold items following the end of the sale. You receive 70% of the selling price of your items. Plus, as a shopper, our quality selection of new and consigned items is unbeatable!

You may consign as many accepted items as you'd like. We require a minimum of 15 clothing pieces/outfits and/or large ticket items to receive a ticket to the exclusive preview event. Shoes, bloomers, accessories are not included in the minimum. There is a flat $5.00 fee to consign in the sale. It is deducted from your final check prior to sending it to you. The fee is used to cover the cost of automation and advertising fees. We do not ask you to bring envelopes and there are no other fees involved at this time. Your check will be mailed within 14 business days following the end of the sale. All checks are mailed via USPS.

How to consign:

1. Register here. Already registered? Log-in here.

2. Make note of your consignor number and log-in information. Be sure to add to your safe senders list, otherwise you will not receive your consignor packet and other important updates from us.

3. Log-in from our homepage using your information and schedule your drop-off appointment. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!)

4. Go through all of your children's boutique quality, like-new clothing, shoes, accessories and gear to pick what you'd like to consign. It's hard, we know!
for recalled items. We cannot sell them!

5. Hang and tag them according to our consignor packet instructions (emailed after you register) using our automated system. You set the price!

6. Drop-off your items at your scheduled appointment time. You come when it's convenient for you and WE hang the items on the racks for you.

7. Come and shop the exclusive preview event before the show opens to the public!

8. Consignor Pick-up: Saturday, August 19, 2017 at the sale location, 2:30-4:30.

Items accepted at Peachtree Kids Market:

Peachtree Kids Market only accepts the best brands in the best condition! We accept boutique, home trunk show, name brand and quality, custom made clothing. We accept clothing, shoes, accessories along with select baby gear and large toy items. Please see our Brands page for more comprehensive information on type of items, brands and condition requirements.

We will accept spring/summer items at the March sale and fall/winter items at the September sale. Both boys and girls items up to size 16 are accepted. We also accept Juniors sizes. We accept coats, hat, mittens, etc at the September sale and swimsuits, cover-ups and sunbonnets at the March sale. We do accept monogrammed items, please remember to price 3-letter monogrammed items appropriately (as in lower since a full monogram is hard to match). All items must meet our brand requirements and must be in excellent to like-new condition. Please contact us with any questions regarding brand, condition or season. We reserve the right to reject any item that does not meet our criteria for the sale.

Tagging Instructions:

In addition to your items to sell, access to a computer and printer, you will need a few supplies before you start tagging: hangers (child size for size 7 and below), safety pins, white/ivory card stock (heavy weight paper, 60# or 65# available at Wal-mart, Target, and all office supply stores) to print your tags on. For shoes or large items you may need twine, clear packing tape and/or Ziplock bags.

All clothing should be hung on size appropriate hangers (no adult size hangers unless children's size 7 or larger). The hanger should make a "?" question mark when you're looking at it. To hang pants or an outfit, pin the pants hanging straight down (not folded) to the hanger first, and then hang the matching top (if an outfit) over it on the same hanger. This reduces the chance for them to be separated during the sale. We REQUIRE safety pins. NO STRAIGHT PINS OR "T" TYPE PINS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Your items must be entered into our inventory system through the link on our homepage. This is very simple and quick to accomplish! Then, you simply print your tags and cut along the lines provided. The tag then needs to be secured with a safety pin on the left hand shoulder of the garment (this is the right side if you are looking directly at the garment). If you have a tagging gun or if the garment is easily damaged, we ask you to tag it at the neckline tag or on the shoulder seam of the garment to avoid damaging the clothing.

Shoes need to be secured together with twine or other binding. They may be placed in a Ziplock bag if they fit, but it is not required. Pin the tag to the shoe laces or through the buckle. Bows and other accessories can be placed into Ziplock bags with the tag taped inside or the tag can be tied to the accessory if no bag is used. To place an accessory with a specific outfit (like a bow or socks), place in a Ziplock bag, seal it, place the Ziplock bag over the hanger and tape it securely to the hanger.

Please refer to your consignor packet for more detailed information!

Drop-off Instructions:

Once you're registered to consign, simply log-in to our system from our homepage and schedule a drop-off appointment. We schedule in 15 minute intervals and make every reasonable effort to ensure that drop-off goes smoothly without you having to wait. Please have your items sorted into size/gender PRIOR to your appointment time AND bring a copy of your inventory listing (you print from your computer at home). It saves you time while you're here! Please remember that we screen every item at least twice before it is placed on the sales floor. You will need to wait while we screen your items and check you in. We will let you know if something is rejected (i.e. stains, tears, out of season, brand not accepted, excessive wash wear, etc).

Picking up unsold items:

Following the closing of the sale, if you have unsold items, they are sorted by consignor number and available for pick-up from 2:30-4:30 PM on Saturday, August 19, 2017. If you cannot retrieve your unsold items, please designate a spouse, friend, neighbor or other family member to pick them up for you at drop off. If an UNEXPECTED EMERGENCY, such as a death in the family, hospitalization, etc occurs during the sale, please contact us at 404.931.4243 and we will make every attempt to make arrangements for your items. We do not have the space to store or transport the remaining items.

After 4:30 PM on final sale day, all remaining items become the sole property of Peachtree Kids Market, LLC and will be donated.

We make every effort to safeguard your items from theft, missing items, loss and/or damage; nevertheless, we are not liable for any of these items in the event that such a loss occurs. We do not guarantee payment for lost items.

Volunteers at Peachtree Kids Market:

We have many of volunteer work shifts that are available during our sale time, but register early because the premium ones go first! You can register through our 
Volunteer page. We also have a limited number of opportunities for those who wish to distribute flyers for us. Simply email us at and provide us a list of private schools, preschools, day cares, dance schools, retail locations and/or other places you can distribute flyers.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you may have!

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