Consignor Instructions


Complete list for download available on the bottom of the Consign page

  • Section 1: Brand Guidelines 
  • List of Brand names accepted –please scroll down to next page
  • Please scroll to see Brands NOT accepted.
  • Junior size clothing is not brand specific, but needs to be current styles in excellent condition.
  • Outerwear/clothing including hats, mittens, scarves, etc. at the season appropriate sale 
  • Halloween costumes in excellent condition at the Fall/Winter sale 
  • Name brand maternity clothing, all sizes and seasons at each sale. 
  • Boutique quality hair bows (if you have a made-to-match/custom bows we suggest you sell it with the outfit it matches). 
  • Boutique, name brand, and high-end children's shoes 
  • Upscale accessories, like belts, ties, headbands, purses (children's), etc. 
  • American Girl brand items (dolls, clothing, accessories and furniture) 
  • Large toys, baby gear, ride on toys, table and chair sets, small room decor, bikes and Kitchens, etc.

We do not accept: 

  • Car Seats 
  • Bathtubs 
  • Stained, dirty, torn, worn, or smelly (smoke) clothing/shoes
  • Dirty baby gear
  • Stuffed animals unless it does something
  • Cribs/Baby furniture -we just do not have the room 
  • undergarments 
  • Used bibs/burp cloths (unless sold with an outfit) 
  • Fast food restaurant toys, small toys that are not part of a set, etc. 
  • Bedding-blankets (unless new in pkg.) 
  • Feeding accessories (like bottles and breast pumps) unless new in package Peachtree Kids Marke

Brands accepted (please note, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a comprehensive listing--there are THOUSANDS of brands out there!): 


Amanda Remembered 

Alice Kathleen 

American Girl 


Anita G (Girlfriends) 


Aunt Polly's 

Baby Lulu 

Baby Nay 



Banana Split 

Banbury Cross 

Bailey Boys 

Bear Feet 

Beaux et Belles 

Big Fish 


Blessed be the Name 

Brinkley's Berries 





Carter's pajamas only (priced appropriately) 


Carolina Kids 

Castles & Crowns

Cat and Jack-in Excellent condition 



Chatti Patti 

Chris N Missy 

Cheeky Plum 

Chez Ami/Chez Belle 

Chocolate Soup 



Cottontail Originals 


Cupcake Originals 

CWD Kids 

Deux par Deux 



Eleanor Rose 

Emily Lacey 

Fast Friends 

Feltman Brothers 

Flap Happy 

Florence Eiseman 

Frances Elizabeth Originals 

Frances Rose 

Funtasia Too! 


Gigi and Jack 


Greggy Girl 

Gymboree (outfits are best) 

Hanna Andersson 

Hannah Banana 

Hannah Kate 


Highland Porch 

Hollywood Baby 

Janie and Jack 

Jig Jog Kids 

Just Ducky Originals 

Justice/Limited Too 

Kate and Libby 

Kate Mack 


Kelly's Kids 



Kids by M.E. 

Kissy Kissy 



Land's End 

Lavender Blue 

Le Cirque 

Le Top 

Lelli Kelly 

Lilly Pulitzer 

Little English 

Little Harp Designs 

Little Threads 

Little Tikes 

Lollipop Lane 

Luli and Me 


Matilda Jane(all seasons) 

Mela Wilson 

Melissa & Doug 

Michael Simon 


Milly Jay 


Monday's Child 


Mulberry St. 

Mustard Pie 


Nain & Joe 

Nautica Kids 

New Potatoes 

NOLA Smocks 


Old Navy-priced to sell

Orient Expressed 

Painting Red Rhinos 


Pea in the Pod 

Peaches 'n Cream 


Petit bebe 

Peg Perego 


Petit Ami 


Pottery Barn Kids 

Puddle jumpers 


Rags Land 

Ralph Lauren/Polo 

Red Beans 

Remember Nguyen 



Sarah Louise 

Secret Wishes 


Shrimp & Grits Kids 

Silly Goose 

Small Paul 

Smock a Dot 

Smocked Auctions 

Smocked by Stellybelly 

Smocked A lot Peachtree Kids Market 

Page 3 

Brands accepted cont’d 

Smocked Polka Dot 

Southern Sunshine Kids 



Stella Jane 


Step 2 

Stride Rite 

Sun Sand 

Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet Honey 

Sweet Tea 

Tea Collection 

Three Mommas 

Three Sisters


Two Boys and a Girl 

Under Armor 


Vineyard Vines 

Vintage Clothiers 

Vive la Fete 

Well Dressed Wolf 

Wish Upon A Star 



If you have a question please email: 


(Carter pajamas are accepted if priced to sell) 

Character Items/Outfits 

(only official Disney brand accepted) 

Children’s Place 

Crazy Eight 


Mary Kate & Ashley 

Route 66 

Sesame Street 

Small WonderKids 




Baby Crew 



Genuine Baby 

Just One Year 


Precious Firsts 

Toys R Us 

Bonnie Baby 

Bonnie Jean 

Bluberri Boulevard 

BT Kids 

Baby Chaps 

Copper Key 

Friedknit Creations 



Kids Miniwear 

Koala Baby 



Child of Mine- 

Kid Connection-Girl 

Baby Connection 

Faded Glory 

Athletic/Baby Works 


Walmart Cont’d 







Other Brands 

Baby Q 

Buster Brown 


Copper Key 


First Impressions 




Okie Dokies 

Kids Line 


Starting Out 

Vitamins Kids 


Paul Frank Peachtree Kids Market 

Toys, baby gear, rides on, bikes, etc. and maternity clothing 

  • We prefer nationally recognized brands such as B.O.B., 4Moms, Fisher Price, Peg Perego, Little Tykes Maclaren, Melissa and Doug, Pottery Barn, Quinny, Trek, Schwinn, Power Wheels, Razor, Step 2, etc.Bicycles & Power Wheels: 

ALL bicycles MUST have either a kick stand or training wheels, unless they are a balance bike. 


Please make sure the battery in the Power Wheels is charged and the charger is included. 

All items should be clean and in working order with batteries included. 

  • Large toy items including vanities, kitchens, rocking chairs, Power Wheels, ride on toys, train tables, table and chair sets, dollhouses and art easels, etc. 
  • Books: Book sets should be wrapped in cellophane 
  • Stuffed animals- New with Tags or the toy does something-battery operated. 
  • Examples of baby gear items include, strollers, bouncy seats, carriers/slings, cart covers, swings, pack 'n plays and highchairs, booster seats 
  • CLEAN all of your baby gear, including crevices and seat covers. 
  • If you have a 'travel system' to sell we will NOT ACCEPT the car seat. Please price accordingly. You may attach a photo of car seat with seller’s contact info to the stroller and the buyer can contact you to purchase the car seat
  • Maternity -15 item limit-clothing must be free of stains, excessive wear and in 'recent' fashion. Please bring brands such as Motherhood, Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity, Ann Taylor LOFT, Old Navy, GAP, etc. o Due to the nature of maternity all seasons are accepted.

Section 2: Pricing Guidelines


  • Price item 25-60% of what you paid for it depending on the condition.
  • NWT could be priced more.
  • Clean, Button, snap, Iron 
  • Ask yourself if you would buy this item at this price


Section 3: Entering Items (Consignor Item Entry Screen) and Preparing Items. 

ALL inventory must be entered by 5 AM, Wednesday, March 19, 2020.

  • You may still print tags after deadline.
  • No entering of items after deadline
  • Go to www.peachtreekidsmarket and “register”. 
  • You will go back to PKM page and “login” to begin entering items/printing tags, etc. 
  • Click on Menu- drop down 
  • To begin entering items after registering click “Work with My Consigned Items” to enter your items-voice entry is also available: 

1. Consignor Number and Item ID: This is auto filled for you once you've logged in and started inventory. Please make note of your ID number and password for your reference. 

2. Category: Select the appropriate category, such as Accessories-Girl for a bow. 

3. Size: Please list the size according to the garment tag. However, tags labeled with S, M, L, XL will not be accepted unless it is women’s maternity items-please put a corresponding number size on your tag, so we will place the garment correctly on the floor. 

Peachtree Kids Market 

Page 6 

For example, a toddler girl size "S" is much different than a big girl size "S". The same applies for European sizing, if it is 86, 90 etc.—please list the corresponding U.S. size. 

4. Description: Brand name should be typed on first line then a brief description of the garment. For example, Beaux et Belles Smocked Strawberry Capri Set. This will help us locate the item if the tag is separated from the garment. Also, if it is part of a set, please list this on the tag. You have two lines, with 24 characters on each line. You will have to click to go to each line, the system will not wrap down. 

5. Discount: Check the box if you want the item discounted 50% for Half-Off sale and Saturday Public Sale. 

6. Donate: Check the box if you want the item donated following the sale. This means you are NOT picking up your items. 

7. DO NOT HIGHLIGHT ANY portion of the tag. 

8. Price- We can’t sell it if it’s not priced! Price your items at approximately 25-40% of original retail price depending on condition, size, brand, etc. A good rule of thumb is to price the item at what you would pay for it at a consignment sale. 

9. Please remember that there is an emotional price and a resale price. 

Price item at the resale price if you want it to sell. 

After entering all of your items, print, cut tags and then pin them to your garment-tagging guns are OK but please tag under the sleeve or on the garment tag –please follow diagram below. 

Preparing your items 

  • Gather your items- CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN and pressed
  • Toys  must have batteries and be working.
  • It is illegal to sell recalled items, please check your items have not been recalled, and are up to current safety standards: call 1-800-638-2772 or by checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at: 
  • Clothing should be hung on appropriately sized hangers (no adult sized hangers, unless size 5 children's or larger). The clothing should be hung with the hanger making a question mark when you are looking at it. “?” ONLY USE SAFETY PINS or TAGGING GUNS! 

See following for hanging instructions- Peachtree Kids Market

  • Examples of how tag should be placed, and item should be hung- 
  • For two-piece outfits, hang the top and then pin the bottom to the back at the top of the hanger. You may use two hangers and tape together, but pants should be hanging down. 
  • For single pants/shorts pin at the TOP of the hanger with 2 pins-be sure it doesn’t slide on the hanger. 


  • Tags need to be secured with a safety pin on the left-hand shoulder of the garment (on the right side if you are looking at the item). If the garment could be easily damaged, please pin it to the brand/size tag at the neckline. Tagging guns may be used on garment label at the neck or bottom seam of left arm hole at bottom of arm hole. 
  • Shoes: please secure shoes together, with laces, string or binds (zip ties). You may put tag on the zip tie. NO ZIP LOCK BAGS OR BOXES. Make sure that you attach the tag securely to the bottom of the shoe or tie it to the shoes. 
  • Bows and other accessories may be placed in Ziploc bags with the tags placed on the outside of the bag or the tag can be tied onto the bow with string if no bag is used. 
  • Book sets should be wrapped in cellophane to keep from being separated. 
  • LARGE TOYS AND BABY GEAR TAGS: Print 2 tags for large toy items and tape at two different places on the item. Select baby gear items will need to have the tags taped to them using clear packing tape (NO SCOTCH TAPE) or may safety pin. 

Peachtree Kids Market 

Page 8 

  • Bicycles MUST have either training wheels or kickstands, except for scoot bikes. Scoot bikes will be placed up and out of reach of children. We cannot accept them otherwise. 

Section 4: Scheduling Drop-Off 

1. Navigate to On the PKM home page, click “Consignor Log-In” and enter your log-in credentials. Then, click “Select Drop-off Appointment”. A list will come up with our available drop-off times and you then select the one that suits you best. 

2. If you have more than 200 items you will need 2 drop off times- you may schedule the times back to back. 

3. If you need a time that is NOT listed (indicating we are full), we can schedule an appointment for you to meet us, but you will need to select the first appointment on the list--a 12:00 AM (MIDNIGHT) time slot indicating you want to make an appointment. You are then responsible for working out a time with us to drop off your items. Email us at These appointments are before sale begins. 

4. From the home screen, you can now register to volunteer and/or work with your consigned inventory. 

Section 5: Drop Off-

Please arrive on time and bring your items TAGGED and in gender and size order! 

1. If you arrive early, you may ask if we can take you, but we may or may not be able to accommodate you without a wait time. We will do our best to stay on schedule. Upon arrival, your clothing items will be hung on a rolling rack and other items placed on a table for screening. Each item will be screened prior to scanning into our system. We will simply hand back any items that do not meet our brand or quality criteria. We DO NOT have time to discuss each item rejected. Please do not be offended when we hand you back an item, we are simply maintaining the standard of the PKM sale. 

1. After screening, items will be scanned into the inventory system. This goes quickly provided your tags are printed properly. To prevent tags from not scanning properly: o Please be sure that your printer is not low on ink 

  1. Do not make any adjustments to the size of the tags! 
  2. Do not staple or tape over the bar codes!
  3. If your tags do not scan at drop-off, you will have to retag your items. We cannot do it for you. 

Page 9 

1. After we scan your items, you will receive your pre-sale ticket and you are free to go!

2. If you cannot personally pick-up your items on Saturday, you must designate someone to pick up your items at pick-up. Once the item sheet is signed by you or whomever picks up items, you are accepting responsibility that all items have been picked up and/or not holding PKM responsible for any items per consignor agreement. 

Section 6: Pick-Up 

ALL unsold items must be picked up- Saturday, March 21                     between 2:00 pm -4:00 pm!  

After 4:00 PM on Saturday, all remaining items become the sole property of Peachtree Kids Market, LLC and will be donated. 

If an unexpected emergency, such as a death in the family, hospitalization, etc. occurs during the sale, please contact PKM at 256-572-7601 and we will make every attempt to make arrangement for your items.