Join the PKM team- FUN-Shop EARLY to presales! Earn more co

Consignor/ Volunteer Information


  • Register for a volunteer shift from your consignor log-in screen.  
  • Exclusive EARLY Pre-sale ticket- time determined by  # of shifts
  • Exclusive 1/2 off sale ticket
  • Higher percentage of commission with 3+ shifts

Don't miss out on ALL the fun

We want

Volunteer only


  • Register for a non-consigner worker account.
  • Exclusive Pre-sale ticket and 1/2 off tickets
  • More shifts = EARLIER shopping times

What to expect on your shift

  • Sort and stock clothing racks.
  •  Assist customers during sale times
  • Set-up and breakdown-a great shift for a Dad or Grandparent
  • Dads are welcome to volunteer and it counts as your shift.
  • Grandparents  you may volunteer a shift for your family.
  • Distribute flyers